From the Guardian Long Read:

From Stuff: Police door knock ‘known activists’ ahead of Trans-Pacific Partnership Protests

Last year I went down to the Octagon in Dunedin for a protest in support of health.  It turned out to be a small group, and I nearly walked by without stopping.  As there were people still joining I stepped up into the group.  I was glad that I did.  The group was made up of mental health patients and their supporters.  They were a group of people who needed to be heard or risk being crushed under an unresponsive system.  If I heard their stories then I was glad to do so.  The demonstration had been organised by the person in the Stuff article.  I am unhappy to read that they have been visited by the police to cause intimidation.

End of a brighter note, from Radio New Zealand Concert: The Circumstances of Beethoven’s Symphonies.  Now I want to read more about Beethoven.