The 2013 Smiley Award Winner: Brithenig


On behalf of the Brithenig language I am happy to accept the Smiley Award for 2013.  Thank you very much.  The Smiley Award is given out yearly by David Peterson.  There is no prize for winning a Smiley Award, not even a coffee voucher.  (Wait! What!  No Mocha?!)  David’s credentials is that he is one of the bright young things of the Conlang community who, at this date, has created languages spoken on three American television series, including Game of Thrones.  The first Smiley award when out in 2006.  I envied the list of recipients that included Teonaht, Kelen, Amman Iar, Okuna and Rikchik.  All beautiful languages, and creative.  How I wished that my own work could be included among this number.

Then, in the last days of 2013, David sent me a message asking if Brithenig could be awarded the Smiley for 2013.  He wrote a review of Brithenig and posted it on his website.  I provided him with some information.  The description was David’s work and I was delighted to read it.  It’s a wonderful and enthusiastic description of how Brithenig works and sounds.  Yes, I do worry about what people say about my work.  In this case I’m happy.  In fact, I’m chuffed.

There is still work to be done.  Brithenig created its own world which others shared in.  I still work on the language like an solitary workman in a shed.  I put together translations, raiding the dictionaries at the local university library to imagine new words.  They go up on their own Facebook page.  There are things I don’t know.  After so long I still don’t know what the Brithenig speakers are really like, just out of reach in my imagination.  I imagine what the language could look like.  I wonder how to write the proper grammar of the language.  This remains undone.

Brithenig travels on its own journey, from Earthlight, to Griffler Enterprises, now mirrored at Jan van Steenbergen’s Multilingual Mutterings, another of the creative people of the Conlang community.  Ill Dragun Rhys duġ ill modd! The Red Dragon leads the way.  Brithenig’s little friendly totum remains its guide, an animated gif I found in the earliest days, appropriate uplifted from a website for a Welsh hairdresser’s shop if I remember correctly!

dragonAnd always, thanks to Marc Pasquin for the Kemrese flag.

My turn came around.  Now who’s next?  I know I would nominate Irina Rempt’s Ilaini if it was my choice, a language with its own history and culture.

Fiat lingua!


Conlang Exchange Card update

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Since returning from Christmas three more exchange cards have arrived: a letter from Njenfalgar; a postcard from Dave Peterson in Dothraki; and a card from Amanda Furrow with a Merechi sea shanty sung to I Saw Three Ships.

Dothraki is, of course, the language of the leather-clad horse-riders of the television series, A Game of Thrones. It’s playing on Sky TV. I disdain to pay for television so I haven’t seen it yet. I expect it is a matter of time before it plays on their free-to-air channel Prime and I will watch it then.

This brings the number of cards to ten. I sent out twelve and haven’t checked to see who I have yet to receive from, or have not yet received from. I am satisfied with my return from this exchange.