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I have a new SIM card for my cell phone as I have changed providers. Telstra-Clear are claiming that they provide better service. We shall see if I’ve made a wise choice. I thought I had lost my contacts list on my old SIM card. Fortunately a friend showed me how to copy my contacts list from my old SIM card onto the phone then onto my new card.

The bad news is that the fridge in my room at Manono House has died. I phoned the landlady late on Friday but haven’t heard from her yet. Maybe they haven’t checked their office over the weekend. I will try them again on Monday. In the meantime I have everything that I can stuffed into the freezer compartment to keep it manageably cool. In the end all the meat has had to go into the crockpot to be cooked as they were too far defrosted. I can see I’m going to have a high protein diet for the next week.

Any how I’m looking at the interesting links for the last week.

  • Steve Salyards at GA Junkie looks at the theological documents of the New Reformed Body of the Presbyterian Church (USA). I like his rant about making theology and not using it. The same accusation could be thrown at the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. Theology used as a cudgel not a crutch.
  • Snow over the Marches of Norway north of Oslo, really cool photos.
  • Left-wingers often cite Scandinavia as the country to emulate so to read an article that sounded like asset sales of a television channel in Norway left me feeling confused about which country I was reading.
  • Dim-Post reports that the Prime Minister endorsed the Literary Heritage Trail because our literary heroes will never be as great as our sporting heroes. Imagine what that first fifteen would be like! It sounds a bit Brave-New-Worldly to me: The Prime Minister and our sporting heroes are Alpha class; our literary heroes are Beta class; and the rest of us punters are Gammas and Deltas.
  • Robert Guyton linked to the Rise of the Tricycle Pushcarts. I never mastered cycling myself. Not having to keep my balance might help, although those big baskets on the front would disorientate me, at least initially. On Guyton’s own blog evidence of the death of Spongebob Squarepants is reported.
  • Science actually makes an appearance in the new Sherlock Holmes movie, abeit briefly
  • Eric Tenin from Paris Daily Photo has this piece of graffiti. I can remember a sticker I had at intermediate school which was STOP TH EF and a stick figure like this one running off with the I
  • Slinkachu’s Little People are sweeping up Dead Leaves in London; with the extra bonus of cleaning up broken beer bottles in Antwerp
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    My cellphone nearly recovered from the rain; except for the fact it no longer has reception. Denied of its meaningful purpose I went and bought a new one today. (The old one went into the Vodaphone recycle bin.) Despite being bog-primative as banging rocks together my new phone has already set off my neophobia for new technology — it predicts my txt! the little bastard! Now I am going to have to read the manual! Bugger it!

    On the sadder news front I arrived at work today and the archivist wasn’t in. Her mother has died and she has gone to Blenheim. I won’t see her for the rest of the week. It will be one burden lifted from her. It still leaves us to fight our way through the settlement of our new workspace.

    Bugger it and Millenium Shrimp

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    The rain has got into my cellphone. It is behaving like an ex-cellphone, pining for the fiords and all that. I think a replacement is inevitable. Now to figure how to release my sim-card from its cold damp grasp

    Update: the vodaphone people got it to go. There’s still some moisture in it. She suggested I hold off replacing until after the weekend, and let it air out. This means I will be offline to cellphone users until then.

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    I have my cellphone back. It was definately in the last place I would think of looking.

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    On Good Friday afternoon I realised that I hadn’t seen my cellphone since Thursday. A search of my room produced no results. I visited a couple of places I had been on Thursday. It was not to be found there. I tried phoning my cellphone number and got my answerphone message — which means it is not on so I couldn’t hear if it was ringing somewhere about the house. This is a frustrating loss as friends do call it to contact me. If I don’t find it by the first week of April I will have to replace it as I will need a cellphone to be in contact when I go on a roadtrip with my mother to Wellington.

    Listening to my answerphone message is funny. It is not the voice of me that I usually hear myself. My inner ear hears the intonations from my mouth whereas my external recorded voice is more nasal. It’s strange, like listening to another person, not me.

    A couple of friends might be interested in the Strange Maps, a blog of unusual and imaginary maps. No cadastral maps, at least one usual suspect will hate that.

    I’ve added some new blogs to my RSS-feeds. The Guardian has a monthly feature of recommended blogs. I grab the feeds and read the backlogs. When I’m finished I keep some of them. The following image shouted Majellan at me. The image is the Virtual Jihadi and comes from a satirical video game on the occupation of Iraq.

    I tagged along with friends to the Backstage last night. I had seen the posters for it. I didn’t know it was a music venue. I thought it was the name of a band. So I am further educated. The first singer up looked like Steve from Questionable Content.

    I think I’m about to go out for takeaways before a GURPS session. So I think I’ve included everything I wanted to report.