Exchangetide Greetings 8

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A second post-card arrived today from China.  This one is an evocative extract from the Akrama Epic “Alaxaba” written by Christopher Tang.  The language looks like long agglutinative sentences transcribed from a pictographic script.  I would like to know the inspiration for this language.  A close examination shows that a symbol resembling an eye is used in sentences for ‘my eyes’, ‘to blind’, ‘tears’, and ‘to stare at’.  The word for ‘my eyes’ is transliterated uxukta in two sentences.  I think I recognise the symbol for ‘ancestor’.  I can’t work it out in the transliteration, one sentence uses it to translate ‘ancestors’ and the second time it is used in a character which is translated ‘ancestral land’.  That is my guess.

I will keep vigil in hope the final cards turn up in the next few weeks.

Exchangetide Greetings 7

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I had thought that the last of the Conlang Exchange Cards had arrived.  I had filed them away in my collection.  So I was quite delighted when there was a beautiful postcard arrived today from Marcus Shiu in China.  It is a blue card written in silver in its own script, the Akul language.  I will display it on the mantelpiece before I file it away with the rest.  There were some addresses in China and Taiwan that I have not yet received.  Perhaps it is possible that they will come.  I am hopeful.

Exchangetide Greetings 6

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Another card today.  This time from Carl Miller.  On the back it says Made in Safiria by Carl Miller.  There’s no mention whether that refers to the font the card is written in, or to the language. No information  is supplied to the translate the greeting or give context.  The greeting is a wish for the Goddesses to smile on the recipient at Winter Solstice.  The cover image looks like an Angel in falling green snow.  Perhaps this pretty image represents the Safirian goddesses?

I will check my collection.  I think I have received cards from Carl in previous years and this might add more information.

Exchangetide Greetings 5

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I did not expect any cards to arrive today.  None arrived over the days after  New Year’s Day and Blank Holiday when the post should have been delivering.  However I went out for a walk today and there was a card for me resting on the table in the foyer.  I was most delighted.  It was come from Christian Borillo, a poem by the Minhast poet Karumek celebrating the mating of two snow cranes on a winter lake.

That brings my count of cards to eight.  I will leave them on display in hopes that the remaining cards arrive.

Exchangetide Greetings 4

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A card arrived from Sam today.  I glad he is on my exchange list.  He does cards from an interesting imagined culture, Selen.  This year’s card came with lots of owls.  It talks about the owl goddess, Lya, who walks the wintry earth during January inspiring intellect, wisdom, and really stupid behaviour.  Good luck with that last one!

I will enjoy the owls.

Exchangetide Greetings 3

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Back from the holidays.  Two more cards came while I was away.  The arrival of cards gets dodgy at this time of year as statutory holidays plays merry havoc with the post .

  • First up is New Year greetings in Sandic.
  • Second is friendly greetings and a wish for happiness from Lhaa Siri.

Both cards are winter-themed.


Exchangetide Greetings 2

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Another three cards have arrived at the end of the week.

  • A post card of introduction from Robert Murphy who is working on a reconstruction of Parseltongue called Stilio.
  • Yule-tide greetings sent from Elimtilas in the Eastlands of the World where the savage Yeolfather visits children at the feast of Yeol.
  • Solstice greetings from Andrej Šuc, a poem in Laefêvëši

That is all for now.  I’m sure that there will be more after I return from Christmas with my family.


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