l’Enfant de Jeu‘s photos of kittens experimenting with places to sleep has reminded me yet again of the first night that I brought Fremen home. I think I have written about it before. That night she managed to disappear twice. She was supposed to be closed in my bedroom. I went through the house looking for her and even outside the house. Then I went through my desk and found her in one of the drawers. I guess she investigated the back of the drawers in my desk until she found a space she could get through and curl up in.

The second time I treated it as less urgent. I leisurely wandered around the room looking for her. When I called her name her head popped up out of my clothes basket. She didn’t do it again so I never found out if she climbed in.

From the three cats I have staffed I have learned that only stupid cats get lost. I cite the example of Tessa, but then she was a paranoid psychopath before I got her, and a longhair to boot.

Link for today: Cool Maps has a map of North America from the Atlas of True Names.