Epiphany 1

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A friend, who I had not seen in a while, asked me how I had been.  I gave an answer that I had been involved in work, gym and church, and that kept me busy.  It would be good to do a summary of my progress.

Work has not been entirely satisfactory.  A conflict of personalities was resolved by the end of the year.  The leadership of the last year and more has been lost.  I feel disappointed over this waste of spirit.  New leadership will be appointed in early 2016.  I hope that this will prove to be a more stable relationship and a better workplace.

Gym and physical exercise is something that I do when I get time, usually any evening that I am free of appointments I fit it in.  Last year I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, 80/150 I think, and resolved to do something about it.  Diet made the biggest benefit, getting my weight down to 70 kilo.  I’m thinner, if not slimmer, through changing to low fat milk and edam cheese, as well as religiously reading the fat and suger content on everything I buy.  If it’s above 5 grammes per serving I look if there’s another option.  Exercising regularly helps.  I do a cardio programme of treadmill, stepping, and running at least a couple of times a week if I can.

I live across town to my preferred church, usually a forty minute walk.  Often I can get a ride.  I don’t depend on it.  I don’t get to many social events as available as when I live closer.  I’m an office-bearer and I’m over there for meetings regularly.  It acts as a social encounter for me.

There are projects on my computer that I continue with.  The imaginary language Brithenig continues to grow in lexicon.  I visit the university library to create new words from Welsh and Romance languages.  I continue other projects, an imaginary city which I add details to when I hear description, and a folder of imaginary characters I created years ago for writing fantasy.  The writing was never finished, the characters still remain.

My life continues, quietly, in one place.  There is always new books to read, new ideas to discover.

Second Opinion

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I’ve been to the physio again.  Much more bendy this week.  I need to do more stretching exercises and the physio has given me another one to practice stretching my upper legs.  I was stuck with more needles which left me with an aching twinge for the rest of the morning.  I decided not to make another appointment as my body will continue to remedy itself naturally.  In hindsight it might have been wise to get a clean bill of health.

I do need to replace those slippers!  They have no tread left on them and are slowly turning ragged.

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I took Friday off because I was expecting to be traveling to Cromwell for Southern Presbytery’s annual meeting.  I was waiting at one o’clock to be picked up.  By the time it got to two o’clock I knew something was wrong and it was beginning to rain.  I sent a text to Yew Tree Woman and she phoned me to say that she had contacted my ride and I had got my dates wrong.  The annual meeting is the second weekend in August and not the first weekend.  This is frustrating because it meant I had taken a day’s leave for no purpose and would have to do the same again next week.  I had told everyone that I will be away on Saturday.  All I can do for now is keep breathing.

The day was not a complete write-off as I spent some time on the computer working on the lexicon for my imaginary eclectic language.  I had made some notes on Indo-European words from Gamkralidze and Ivanov’s text book of the proto-language and worked my way through a third of them seeing which of them I could work into my lexicon for the language.  It’s so wonderful living so close to a university library.  I hope I can finish incorporating the list over the weekend.  Then I can return to making notes from the Descriptive Dictionary of Bislama.

Also I got an extra session in at the gym which is nice.  It keeps the knots out of my shoulders.

And today I got to watch the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra playing at the Madrid Royal Theatre on cinema at the Rialto.  They did two of my favorite pieces: Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez from his guitar concertos, I think this is a lesser known piece, which is undeserved; and Sergei Rachmaninov’s Symphony No. 2.  It was a delight to watch these pieces played out under conductor Simon Rattle and the cameras helped to guide the eye to the activity of the orchestra.  I would liked some commentary and interaction that the New York Metropolitan Opera has incorporated into Live on High Definition series.  The concert was still rewarding and I await to see the next one.

Back to reading Michael King’s History of New Zealand.

Summary for March

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As it’s April now and I’m about to turn my calendar over a page I thought I would do a summary of events. There are only two months left in it as I buy a Maramataka calendar produced by Te Papa which runs from June to May.

  • The resource group for the Presbyterian churches in Dunedin met at the beginning of the month. There was discussion about setting up A Rocha Dunedin, a branch of an international Christian environmental group.
  • Went to the Dentist twice. First time for my yearly check-up; second time because they wanted to call me back to give a couple of my fillings a re-tread.
  • Two operas this month played at the Rialto from the New York Metropolitan Opera. The first was Nixon in China; happy to watch this as it means I never have to watch it again! Second opera was Iphigénie in Tauride. I took one look at the brochure pictue and thought O. M. G. They look like elves. Or at least the costumes did! So it all was about elves who have issue with human sacrifice (or should that be elvish sacrifice?)
  • Five days in Invercargill celebrating my brother’s fiftieth birthday. Dinner with Boston T. and his partner, night out with drinks at the Southland Club. I will be back down there next month for a night for the annual meeting of the Synod of Otago and Southland.
  • Parish Council in the middle of the month.
  • Our office closed for Otago Anniversary Day this year. Other years we have decided to take it at Easter. Gym was closed as well.
  • I met my intellectually handicapped friend when Lisa from Friendlink brought him to meet me after work. He lives on Taieri Road now so I see him less often. Lisa took us down to the Harbour where we ate chips and a sausage each. There was a seal in the water. Every few metres its head rose out of the water as it swam past. I’ve never seen a seal in the water before.
  • Another birthday party. L’Enfant de Jeu turned 30 so she celebrated at the Poolhouse. I’m not much of a mingler at parties but everyone was so nice; and being the Sweet Adelines there was impromptu singing. Has it really been twelve months since I last got out my Tarocash shirt and wore it. Let’s hope it has another date next year!
  • I went to the play Mates and Lovers which was part of the Dunedin Fringe Festival. It was a dramatisation of the gay history of New Zealand. It was well received and I would like to see it again.
  • In the last week three of us went to political party meeting in a pub in South Dunedin. It was reported that a senior politician was seen leaving the meeting in the company of other politicians which was reported as part of recent leadership struggle reported in the media. It was not reported what they were wearing or even if they were wearing anything. Political reporters in this country really need to up their game, and stop trying to be kingmakers!
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    This week: two funerals. The first was for a home economics teacher who lives in South Dunedin. Her parents are members of my parish. She had leukemia. It went into remission for a while and when it returned she decided against further chemotherapy. Essentially she chose to step through, to Aslan’s country. Her death came suddenly as she had only gone to the hospice for the final stage at the weekend. The church at which her funeral was held was packed. At her request it was No Flowers, Bring A Plate of Favorite Food. Believe me I haven’t seen catering like that in a while. The tables should have been groaning under the weight!

    The second funeral was for a retired minister of religion. He was one of the founders of the department of religious studies at the university. A delightful man with an impish smile, he could listen to anyone and genuinely say at the end That’s Very Interesting, and mean it. He also loved jazz and introduced students to the work of Sadao Watanabe. Now he has gone into the eternal moment of an unfolding future. He shall be missed.

    A Dunedin photoshop went into receivership today. Photos from the Knox College collection had to be retrieved from them very quickly. Too late in the day and it would have become difficult as they would have been considered assets of the business.

    I have noticed a number of people saying that getting back into their gym training after the holidays is a gutbuster. Better to start gently and work back into it. I was alright over the holiday season as I kept up my practice during that period. I’m still trying to catch up with my week away in Wellington. That put me back.