What did you do on Waitangi Day

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I wasn’t going to write anything on the topic until I was inspired by the discussion on Public Address on this topic.  I realised that I used the day like a lot of other New Zealanders — I had a half-day holiday in the middle of the weekend, an extra Saturday.

I stayed in bed an hour late, then got up to take advantage of the House laundry room so I could do an extra load of washing in the middle of the week.  My devotions looked at two readings from the Holy Bible for a national holiday.  They did not inspire me to new insight.

I made the mistake of turning my computer on and browsing early in the day.  I would have been better to have gone out for a walk.  Especially as the afternoon was spent listening to Matinee Idle on my bedside radio, an institution on National Radio that celebrates playing exceptionally absurd music that wouldn’t get air-time otherwise.  Once I had finished my work-avoidance activity I wrote up some notes from Pastoral Committee from the beginning of the week and posted them out to the appropriate people.

I managed to go out for a promenade for half an hour after Matinee Idle was over, before tea.  I had prepared some pork ribs at the start of the week so I had one of those with vegetables, tasty if not adventurous.  In the evening I surfed between Pub Dig on one channel and Wild Columbia on another.  The latter, hosted by the exuberant wild-life presenter Nigel Marven, caught more of my attention.

I did not attend any Waitangi Day events in the city.  If I had been alert early in the day I could have ventured into the Octagon for the celebrations there at mid-day.  Instead I took the day like many others, relaxing and enjoying a fine day.

Hobbit-spotting for Labour Day

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Happy Labour Day, I hope the Trickle-down Fairy brought you something nice, or not, as the case may be.

It’s a public holiday so I get to listen to Matinee Idle on National Radio.  This may count as a form punishment, or possibly musical masochism.  I can hear the grass grow and it’s keeping me awake at night!  The gym was open earlier so I got a cardio session in before lunch-time.

Sunday across town to church.  I was asked if I could take the opening prayers.  The minister was away and it relieved one of our retired ministers from taking the whole service.  I must have done a good job of the prayers as several people complemented me on them.

I thought I could walk to Mornington on Thursday for an induction service.  Not a good idea, the rain was wretched, coming down like a monsoon.  It was about to get lost when I was on the edge of Mornington which a rabbit warren of streets.  Fortunately that was the time when I was spotted by a nice warm van going the same way.  I got a ride and arrived on time, still soaking wet, which greatly impressed some people.

Barbecue on Saturday on Caversham Heights.  The rain held off and I proved to be reasonably good at barbecuing meat.  If it’s still bleeding turn it over and move it closer to the hottest spot on the barbecue plate.

Current mood: rain and hail

National Complaints Day

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“I wish to make a complaint!”

It’s the long weekend where everyone gathers  at Waitangi ostensibly to celebrate the founding of  our modern state but more often to lay a complaint against the government.  The fact that the Australian prime minister was tackled on Australia Day might suggest that Aborigine protestors have discovered that National Complaints Day can be fun for everyone, especially for those standing on the side lines.  New Zealanders have had all the fun to themselves for a generation.  It’s time we shared it with others.

A public holiday means that National Radio will be playing Matinee Idle this afternoon for my listening pleasure.

Two more songs insisted on being selected for my top ten at the Dayglo Disco as I was listening to music this morning:

  • Don’t Believe in Love by Dido, and
  • Semi Detached performed by Margaret Urlich and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

Two favorites.  I will soon have ten and will be at the point of listing them, and potential competitors.



Lobottle Frontalmy

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Today is the last day of my summer leave. I will be back at work in the Archives on Monday. This means that the last week of the madness that is Matinee Idle shall pass me by, the audio equivalent of going My God What Was That! Never mind, I have heard the Puppini Sisters doing Wuthering Heights and Darlene Edwards doing Staying Alive. I can’t be disappointed. What would Wuthering Heights sound like done by a ukulele orchestra? Pretty much like the Puppini Sisters version I suspect.

The interview with Sam Neill about the Two Paddocks Top Ten was an inspiration. What would be my top ten? I should start listing the pieces from CD collection that make me stop and listen. Perhaps next week, when sanity returns, or should that be when my insanity recalibrates to being back at work.

Third earth song

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Home again.  I have been out this weekend looking after a friend’s cat.  That’s the third time this year.  I’m making a hobby of cat sitting!  This one was bigger than normal and quite a handful.

I’m also quite happy to go dog-sitting.  Offers welcomed!  So long as they’re within my traveling distance.

Also did a presentation at the Genealogical Conference this weekend.  It was a last moment thing as the Archivist who supposed to do it dislocated her knee and is now at home.  So with Jennie (note spelling!) from ResearchWrite we took up her theme and put together the presentation Going Beyond the Obvious: Using Church Archives. We ran into a technical hitch which led to Jennie racing home to get her laptop.  She was under a lot of pressure this weekend and took the load of the work for the talk.  Don’t be afraid to visit her website.  Especially if you are looking for genealogical and historical research in Dunedin.  The presentation was well received by the audience.

Got home for Matinee Idle so I can’t complain (except about the quality, that’s the reason why everyone listens!)