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Still on holiday. A lot of time for reading, both online and book-bound. While I was house-sitting I did some work on a file of notes about pronouns in my eclectic language which got half-way through. I should keep at it this week.

What’s ended up in my aggregator while I was away:

Tony Skaggs of Alphistia expanded the Alphistian Gallery of Art on Google Plus: Elvis sighted on a stamp!

A Norwegian Bank discovered that Norwegians are very honest

Jason Goroncy thought about hospital visiting, at length.

Girl Thursday found a tour of a creepy dolls house in Spain. Hugs to her!

The end to Sudoku is in sight! I was beginning to worry.


Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3…

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Strange. WordPress decided to send out an edit I made to an old entry as my latest update on RSS-Feed. I don’t know why that happened. I hope my interface is not acting up.

Parish Council last night, reported back on our Rugby World Cup Night, and on Dunedin Resource Group Meeting. Both were worthwhile events to attend. One of our sponsorship children has left Child Fund and we are supporting a new child in Sri Lanka, a twelve year old cricket player.

The Centre for Theology and Public Issues held a Forum on Inequality and the Future of Dunedin at the Burns Hall, the beginning a new series of forums that will continue in the new year. Well attended. I think that there were over two hundred people there. Quote of the evening went to Laura Black: “Globalisation has made us consumers. We need to be citizens.”


After falling behind a week while I did my newsletter I have caught up with reading my feeds. I did a count this evening, I have 95 feeds that I check regularly. They sit in Akregator on my computer until an accident or clearing a feed wipes them away. I should post links of what sits in there.

Merry Eczemas

Eczemas (pronounced X-mas) the annual festival for celebrating skin disease #scratch scatch#