Towards the Trump at End of the World

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It seems that the American Republican Party has become its own cult.  Like some nativistic Ghost Dance or cargo cult it believes that if it gets enough votes then the ancestors will return and herald in the renewed age of the world.  Only true believers need apply.


Letter to America

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Dear America,

I hope you are well.

I understand that some of you are feeling put out by your recent election to the point that some of us have seen messages or tweets saying ‘That’s it!  I’m leaving America for Xland where they are a real Christian Country with a Christian President.’  Usually these are picked up by liberal critics who point out that the countries suggested are not as overtly Christian as America.  I have seen Canada and Australia mentioned.  Also that these countries have Prime Ministers rather than Presidents, so what do you know?

Might I add, don’t even think of coming to New Zealand if that is your justification.  Our prime minister comes from an irreligious family of Jewish descent.  No Christianity there at all!  I consider myself religious by choice, and while I like my national leadership to respect my worldview among all worldviews and philosophies that New Zealanders may share in, I don’t want leadership that mistakes their own opinions or voices in their heads for advice from the Eternal.  That way leads to a messy resolution.

I consider our current prime minister to be on the right of our politics.  As I am a liberal voter I would be happy to see him out of power.  I understand by your standards he is socialist on par with Obama.  Indeed he admires your president and will take any opportunity to be seen with him.  This only goes to show that in the perspective of English-speaking world, and other European-descended nations your politics is rather skewered.  Perhaps it would be best if you stayed at home.

Have a nice day, and let us all work for the best for our world.  Can I say that?

Best wishes,