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This is the week that was.

Dave went back to Invercargill.  He dropped me off at church which saved me some time.  When he got home he joined the Facebook group for Brithenig words that I have started, bringing that community to 13 people, of which half I can identify.

I added some reference points to the invisible city of Lamborough.  I wondered how one character would get from South Shore across Lamborough Harbour to the Weather Downs in the hill country of Big Sharkey.  I realised that I knew enough details to travel the distance in his car: across the Harbour Bridge, then over the Tava River, turn back south until he reached Hundred Road which would take him out of the city.

On Thursday I went to the Gig Night at the Library.  I had mixed it together in my head and expected gothic ukelele. A four piece band played original pieces about the Transit of Venus, coffee and the carousel cowboy.  An alternative group did Talley Ho! and a synthesizer had me leaning forward to hear some interesting harpsichord.

I was at work for the last day for our reseach archivist.  We went to the ministry common room so she could say farewell to all who met for afternoon tea, one last time.

The cold nights have given me a cough that is slow in going away.  A harbinger of the winter to come.

I have collected my mother from the bus station.  You can hear her in the background.  My hat went off for adventures.  Fortunately the taxi driver brought it back.  She has found my collection of Arthur Mee titles on my bookshelf.  I have Golden Year, One Thousand Beautiful Things, The Children’s Bible and Talks for Boys.  She has One Thousand and One Everlasting Things and the volumes of the Encyclopedia at home which I hope to add to my collection.  She will look out for other titles at the book sale in Invercargill.



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We are turning back to the light having reached the cold season of the world.  The Pleiades have heralded the turning of the world.

At Opoho Church the music group celebrated Matariki by wearing loud summer clothing.  The music was so fun that I wish we had a U-Tube page.

In the evening a couple of thousand people gathered in the Octagon to celebrate Midwinter Carnival.  Kapa Haka led the procession of paper lanterns borne by children with serious solemnity.  The high-light was a large lantern held by three people in the shape of a unicorn.  Jack Frost and the Winter Queen and her attendents were the centre of the parade followed by the membrous trees in winter.  The song-bong drummers remained as the procession left the Octagon accompanied by the dancing frozen dolls until fireworks ended the formal part of the festivities.

One of these years I should volunteer to be a steward for the procession.  That would be fun, and allow me to see it as a participant.