Linux Conference Australia came to Dunedin at the beginning of the month for a week. I did not go, Joe and Keith did. The only event of the conference I attended was a party gathering held at a house in Belleknowes. Instead of the conference dinner I enjoyed a home-made potato salad after a visit to the gym. The only seminar I regret I did not attend was a talk on the linux-based library cataloguing system, Koha. I am told it focussed on the politics that have surrounded it. That could still have proved useful to know and understand.

The conference ended for Chinese New Year. Its legacy proved to be the Linux Bug, a viral infection with vomiting and diarrhoea. It affected a lot of people including my household. I took a week off work for sick leave as I was affected with diarrhoea (fortunately without the vomiting). After six days for what was supposed to be a 48 hour infection I went to Emergency at Dunedin Hospital. They diagnosed me with an irritated gut. The liquid diarrhoea was over by that time. The symptons have not entirely cleared up.

The memoirs for a Special Olympian that I have been collaborating on for three years is completed. We held a book launch. We produced a 56 page booklet of a man’s life. Not a bad achievement for my C.V.

Off to Wellington for the weekend to see my brother. Bye!