3rd Sunday in Lent

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Walked home from GURPS in a heavy rain. My flatmates behaved like a pair of buttocks because I was soaked to the skin. What annoyed me most is that my shoes were damp. I don’t think they have started leaking yet. I think instead it was an accumulation of several days skin water settling in the shoes. Still I need to dry out my shoes properly when I’m not wearing them. Further investigation suggests that water is seeping in between the suede and the sole. Perhaps I should rub the interstice with dubbin.

I heard rumours about a shy man having problems at work. No details, no concrete gossip. It is somebody who I have worked with previously. He is in a position of authority and not liked by his staff because he is too shy it make a rapport with them. When I worked there I found him a bit stand-offish. He snubs people on the street. I am less shy than that, still I can sympathise.

Yew Tree Woman has had further proof that her body is disintergrating as she can only watch.

Bought some sausages for a barbecue which never eventuated. Instead they were recycled for a potluck lunch with the church music group. Not really disappointed as it meant I got to stay home and watch the first episode of the first season of the New Battlestar Galactica series. I was impressed with the mini-series and hope that I will feel the same about the series.

Graeme very agitated at church. Apparently he threw stones at his supervisor’s car at workshop and his money has been suspended for a month. He has been visiting parishioners near the community house on Grandview Crescent. I’m impressed by that. He was unwell and wriggly, openly lamenting during the prayers. Several people spoke to me after church about my ability to support him through the service.

After lunch, late in the afternoon I visited Harry to participate in the Lord of the Rings game he is creating. I left at ten to eleven, and the game still had to be resolved between the last two players. By the time I left we had been going for six hours, plus a break to watch Top Gear. I will rule out doing that again. I’m not happy about losing a whole evening to board games. Perhaps the game, like Lord of the Rings Risk needs a more clear and precise end.

Morning tea; potluck lunch; and then pizza with Harry for tea. Feeling rather full by the end of it.

beginning, again.


Checked google and I can’t find the webpage that made me think that William Wordsworth wrote that quote.

The archives catalogue on computer has been acting up. We have zipped it into digestible bits and posted it the catalogue’s sponsor in Auckland. He says that he has come across some bad entries, including one that with some investigation has a print-out dating back to 2002. We feel that there is a slur on our reputation for data entry.

Initiation for first years. The school of ministry began theirs with a conch shell horn. The residents had an egg fight and made the freshers run around the college with an ice cream stuck to their heads. It’s one of the annual traditions.

not Wordsworth

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The Open Polytechnic semester should have started for the year. It works on a website forum rather than teleconference, as far as I can tell. I have no idea what is going on. Somebody will make noises eventually about what we should be doing. The lecturer was in Dunedin briefly last week. There was no chance to meet her. I expect I will eventually.

My mother rang last night. She found the competition quote in Tennyson’s big poem In Memoriam. So I have sent away the wrong answer! Posted a second answer.

If it’s any consolation I prefer The Prelude by Wordsworth over Tennyson.


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“Ring out a thousand wars; ring in a thousand years of peace”.

One of the harder competition questions I have tried to answer on ConcertFM. It took me about five pages of googling until I found the answer. The question had given the clue of being Shakespeare, Wordsworth or Tennyson. I thought Wordsworth was the most likely choice, flourishing both during a turn of centuries and in a time troubled by the clash of nations at war. More so than the other two choices given.

The showers were out of order at the gym – how will I live with myself? I smell manly!

Heard a car brake suddenly and went outside to see if it was one of my cats. There was a body lying on the pavement, it must have got that far and died as the people in the car were there still getting out of there SUV. Apparently it ran out in front of them. A mature white cat tipped with ginger fur. It was not one with which I was familiar. A collar tag named it Jerry. The phone number proved to be the house in front of which it died, our neighbours the joiners. The owner came out, cradled the dead creature and took it away.

2nd Sunday in Lent

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Books due back at the library. Spent the afternoon finishing two of them:

The Last Light of the Sun: pleasantly elegaic retelling of the story of Alfred the Great by Guy Gavriel Kay. His version of the Norsemen, the Erlings, was rather harsh. From what I’ve read of the sagas it was not inaccurate. His Celts and Englisc; the Cyngael and the Anglcynn was enjoyable to read. Not Kay’s best stand-alone novel – that is probably Tigana – it had moments of better-than-average high fantasy style.

The Eyre Affair: temporal anomalies and literary absurdities clash in the first of a series of books that have proven to be popular. What more can be said about about a book that has a century long conflict in the Crimea, Baconian street evangelists, gang clashes between the surrealists and the pre-Raphaelites; not to mention pet dodos? This proved to be a real hoot, must reserve the second in the series: Lost in a good book, which is literally true.

Living in borrowed time

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The residents are trickling back into the college. Next week is the beginning of the new semester. On Chapelside they refer to it as ‘Lent Term’, a pale attempt by anglophiles to emulate Oxbridge. The university is semestered and secular. Lent Term has never been observed there.

I thought one of the other gym users was familiar. He is a Dunedin principal in whose school I did six months’ voluntary work when I first came to Dunedin. I found his name on the website for St. Clair School. I got a ride home out of it. He lives nearby.

I have been playing around with an eclectic language that I’m designing. It’s very relaxing.

The cats are objecting to the fact I only put two cans of catfood in the shopping trolley last Saturday. There is only dry catfood left in the kitchen.

chruch complex: faith reversed

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More carpet laying at the college. I was glad to escape the fishy smell of the glue.

Yew Tree Woman has been given a clean bill of health. We are all celebrating with her.

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