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Essay posted away yesterday after I had written over a thousand words and I ran out of things that I wanted to say.


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Nick visited overnight, having travelled down the South Island. He had been on an inspection of the Benmore substation. He took me down to Gore for Synod, thus saving me getting up before seven to catch the bus. He dropped me off at S. Andrew’s (no relation) just before the beginning of the morning’s meeting, and continued on his way to visit our mother in Invercargill for her seventy-somethingth birthday. 700 words of a revised essay done, still at least 300 words to go at least. The stress is not doing me much good. Very tiring day.

Great Train Stations of the Cross


I was down at the Maker’s Place this afternoon. The North End Churches had put on a display of craft based on the stations of the cross. There were three at the Maker’s Place. About 12 people came through. It was the end of the afternoon.

I took Guns, Germs and Steel with me in case I needed something to read. Here is a section of extracts that I have found interesting so far…

Palm Sunday

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I posted away my first essay of the year on Friday, 1100 words. A tiddler compared to essays that others do — sufficient in size for me. I hope that I will get a passable mark for it.

Curiously enough the words for Les Barker poems don’t seem to be on the internet — conclusive proof that his poetry is not typed by monkeys, unlike Shakespeare! I was inspired by the latest quest for crypt‘s keys to hunt down the words for I can’t find my camouflage net. All I can find is this appertizer:

“I draped one over the Transit
And that’s when my troubles began
I’d go out and buy another
But I can’t find the bloody van.”

Says it all really.