The Almighty Johnsons redux

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Or maybe that should be reflux….

Ten episodes. It started off in good humour, by the end of the season I thought the plot was mumbling a bit. It kept going. I have been thinking of doing a summary where everyone ended up.

  • Olaf found Ingrid who is Snotra, goddess of wisdom. Kevin Crossley-Holland gives her one reference in his Norse Myths. Possibly a sensible goddess! Here she is an earth mother type. Olaf and Ingrid hit is off perfectly because they are both oracles. Together they keep the story arc ticking over.
  • Mike‘s best friend came back from a coma and his marriage broke up. Consequently he is in a happier place than he was at the beginning of the series because he can put his guilt behind him. He is now free to commit himself, and his skills, to Axl’s quest.
  • Anders is still a smooth arse and no further ahead in gaining more power. He got the final revelation of the season. I had already worked it out. Somebody give him a plotline! He needs more rounding out! Unless there are more consequences lurking out there waiting to bite him.
  • Ty is married to a woman he doesn’t love and can’t be with the woman he loves. It could prove to be a violent relationship. The guy has the best plotline.
  • Axl narrowly avoided marrying the wrong goddess. Unfortunately for him it meant that he has also lost the lovely Gaia, played by Keisha Castle-Hughes. When he knows what he’s doing he’s powerful, otherwise he’s a doofus.
  • Ironically in the myths Hel is the daughter of Loki.


    Going Postal Part II

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    Recap: John Dearheart was killed. Moist von Lipwig became a con-man until the city watch caught up with him. Lord Vetinari made him post-master, in a cursed post office. Cursed because the previous post-masters have been dying in violent deaths. Lipwig battles the banshee in a burning post office.

    Don’t upset an undelivered letter. Deliver Us! I’ve been waiting for those words!

    Moist and Adora dance the masochism tango in the light of the burning building, and Moist bounces back more flamboyant. Reacher Gilt plays the marketing card.

    The problem with people who put money away for a rainy day is that they never know when it is raining. Ah, too true.

    Gilt wants to be the only service, pity for him he’s not a good service.

    Holy charlatanry! Lord Vetinari has no sense of humour: it’s official.

    First appearance of the gold suit; the wonderful technology of the clacks machines.

    Gilt violates good record-keeping (has he no shame!) then resorts to murder.

    School yourself, Moist, don’t lose it in front of Adora, keep yourself together.

    Then the programmers turn up (pigeon fanciers as they are called here). Horsefry’s cash books turn up again — well done Mr Pony! Some people will get away with murder, but not if it is invoiced.

    The actor playing Drumknott has a wonderful face for his role.

    Back to the broken tower. A place for everything and everything in its place — Say that one more time and I’ll find a new place for that hammer!

    That hat suits Adora.

    Going Postal Part I

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    Begins with some nice steampunk animation.

    Brief appearance by an ash-blonde werewolf. Yes, her!

    Drumknott is very cheerful and jolly in the face of a black-humoured situation. Whereas the saturnine Lord Vetinari is worth the price of entrance. Nicely underplayed, sir!

    Ankh Morepork looks a suitably grungy city. According to the credits it’s Budapest. Mostly it seems to be a ruined castle. Some nice use of sets.

    Hmmmm, Adora Belle Dearheart is no Susan Sto Lat, still she does a pretty good implacable look, and she is helped by that lovely flowing black velvet dress!

    The narration by Moist von Lipwig is not necessary. A lot of what is happening and the consequences he has made of his life as a con-man stands up on its own. The incidental music sets up an enjoyable tempo on its own.

    Oh, look! Release the chickens! (Having been on a set once I appreciate when that happens. It’s one of those cryptic jokes.)

    Good grief, that is Tamsin Greig playing Miss Cripslock!

    Shame that they didn’t get Joss Ackland back again to play Ridcully. He had the right kind of bigness needed for that part.

    New account


    I’m not leaving Livejournal yet. I have taken out an account at Dreamwidth. is cued up to be imported. When that happens or if Livejournal goes all Soviet then I may put more energy over there.

    Interesting quote, edited

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    Identity itself has become much more a matter of individual choice and personal commitment. Individuals can choose to remain Xian or become Xian or cease to be Xian in a way which would have been incomprehensible in pre-contact society. for them the individual would no more contemplate leaving the immediate or wider kinship groups than would a passenger on an ocean-going ship would jump overboard or an athlete wander off the field in the middle of a match. Once the possibility of leaving with immunity becomes practical and the fact of staying becomes a deliberate decision the ethical balance between individual and group has shifted irrevocably in the individual’s direction. Total loyalty to the group and submersion in its activities and purposes can never be recovered.

    Summary for March

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    As it’s April now and I’m about to turn my calendar over a page I thought I would do a summary of events. There are only two months left in it as I buy a Maramataka calendar produced by Te Papa which runs from June to May.

  • The resource group for the Presbyterian churches in Dunedin met at the beginning of the month. There was discussion about setting up A Rocha Dunedin, a branch of an international Christian environmental group.
  • Went to the Dentist twice. First time for my yearly check-up; second time because they wanted to call me back to give a couple of my fillings a re-tread.
  • Two operas this month played at the Rialto from the New York Metropolitan Opera. The first was Nixon in China; happy to watch this as it means I never have to watch it again! Second opera was Iphigénie in Tauride. I took one look at the brochure pictue and thought O. M. G. They look like elves. Or at least the costumes did! So it all was about elves who have issue with human sacrifice (or should that be elvish sacrifice?)
  • Five days in Invercargill celebrating my brother’s fiftieth birthday. Dinner with Boston T. and his partner, night out with drinks at the Southland Club. I will be back down there next month for a night for the annual meeting of the Synod of Otago and Southland.
  • Parish Council in the middle of the month.
  • Our office closed for Otago Anniversary Day this year. Other years we have decided to take it at Easter. Gym was closed as well.
  • I met my intellectually handicapped friend when Lisa from Friendlink brought him to meet me after work. He lives on Taieri Road now so I see him less often. Lisa took us down to the Harbour where we ate chips and a sausage each. There was a seal in the water. Every few metres its head rose out of the water as it swam past. I’ve never seen a seal in the water before.
  • Another birthday party. L’Enfant de Jeu turned 30 so she celebrated at the Poolhouse. I’m not much of a mingler at parties but everyone was so nice; and being the Sweet Adelines there was impromptu singing. Has it really been twelve months since I last got out my Tarocash shirt and wore it. Let’s hope it has another date next year!
  • I went to the play Mates and Lovers which was part of the Dunedin Fringe Festival. It was a dramatisation of the gay history of New Zealand. It was well received and I would like to see it again.
  • In the last week three of us went to political party meeting in a pub in South Dunedin. It was reported that a senior politician was seen leaving the meeting in the company of other politicians which was reported as part of recent leadership struggle reported in the media. It was not reported what they were wearing or even if they were wearing anything. Political reporters in this country really need to up their game, and stop trying to be kingmakers!