I haven’t mentioned that my Ill Bethisad baseball cap arrived last week. It came the same day as my comics from Wellington.

Whatever happened to Sarah


She was spirited away by No Face.

Above links contain spoilers.

I have become addicted to RSS feeds. My LiveJournal friends list is gradually being added to my aggregator, which means logging in less often — except to check for friends-only feeds, which an aggregator can’t collect. Fortunately LJ-feeds are the complete entry and not the abridged feeds that some links provide.

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It appears to be official now: Joe is leaving our flat. My other flatmates would like me to stay on. I’ll wait and see before making a decision.

Sarah-Jane Adventures

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Finally got around to starting on this series. I’ve finished Heroes Season 1. Sarah-Jane is decidedly targetted at the juvenile end of the Who-verse, possibly even more so than the original series. This doesn’t rule out that it could ultimately prove to be more mature than Torchwood. (That wouldn’t be hard!)

So far it feels pre-processed — like a can of Bubble-shock. In its favour the first story of the season carried itself on its own momentum. I even felt sorry for the Slitheen.

Best line so far: to fend off the Slitheen Clyde pulls out a spraycan of deodorant. “Wolverine,” observes Luke, “for that masculine scent!”

Joke I heard at the weekend:

Grasshopper walks into a bar. “We’ve got a drink named after you,” says the bartender. “Why would anyone call a drink Ross?” asks the grasshopper.


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This world is sick!, Nathan Petrelli, Congressman for New York.

It needs a doctor, Harold Saxon, British Prime Minister.

Roslyn Gallery

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I don’t know anyone who has been burnt by the closure and failure of this art gallery in Dunedin.

However knowing the owner’s reputation I’m not surprised.

It’s not something that I’m going to discuss in public.

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Having got the party killed in the last session it turns out that I will be in Christchurch when the new campaign in Majellan begins. Note to self: do not refer to the psychotic AI ‘the bad man’ within its earshot as this may cause offence to other role-players.

IndiaNZ Dunedin hosted a dance troop from Andhya Pradash for Diwali Mela 07 at the Regent Theatre: sort of like morris dancing with colourful saris. If I go again I need to sit in a better position to see the musicians, a combination of clarinet, harmonium and drums. It left me speculating on how different folk dance traditions could work together to create a fusion form of folk dance and arts.