We’re here, that happened

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I sat down to watch the first episode of Stargate Universe last night. So I thought if my commentary can work for Doctor Who then I would have a go at making notes as I went along again.

Let's go, girls

7 Days later

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“Her past, my future”

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Having made Southern Dave walk down to the Settlers’ Museum yesterday while he was still recovering from a bug, then sit through Kaitangata Twitch, Doctor Who, Monty Python: Almost The Truth (Lawyer’s Cut), and QI. I get a chance to post up my summary of last night’s Doctor Who before he does.


Whatever. It’s a cool rainbow!

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Your rainbow is strongly shaded white and yellow.


What is says about you: You are a joyful person. You appreciate quiet moments. You’re good at getting people to like you. People depend on you to make them feel secure.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

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80s Kiwi Anthems


I turned on C4 last night because they were counting down the 80s Kiwi Anthems Top Forty. I was an hour late and I missed the first twenty or so. Still, the hair! the shoulders! the costumes! Forget anything that Split Enz wore! Where did Dave Dobbin get that jersey for Loyal? The same wardrobe that dressed David Bain for his trial. It was horrifying!

At least fashion styles required that shirts are worn tucked in, and trousers should be worn belted on the waist, not half-arsed as the fashion seems to be now.


hobbit spotting, yet again.

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‘How are you, what are you doing?’

Fine thanks. When I was asked this by a busy friend I was on the way down the hill to the postbox at the supermarket. It was Sunday afternoon and I had to post a letter to the comic shop in Wellington. I owed them £8 for several months worth of comics, mostly Angel, Buffy and Doctor Who. I don’t think they have received it yet because I received an email today to say it is up to £10 now. Ouch, but that will come down.

After that I walked into the university because I wanted to make a name for my Scribbles file. I had passed by the terraced houses on Dundas Street and noted the graffitied names on the doors and the stickers and realised that I could put them together into a name. It was passably Italianate names and playing around with the dictionaries I came up with Gingi Grappin Mazzette d’Hauteville. I’ve added it to my list of amusing names to use one day for something. I have already borrowed from it for my current Majellan character.

Later in the day I went to chapel at the castle. They were doing evensong (before teatime). It was a relaxing service. I even enjoyed the sermon. The previous Sunday I had been the sermon from the same preacher was both chauvinist and poor theology. The reference the sermon left me was ‘Do you know where your towel is?’ I might work on it for an editorial I need to write for a parish newsletter. Yes, I plan to write something about The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and religion. It makes sense to me.

The editor of the newsletter is one of the people I plan to borrow some mattresses and bedding from for two weekend’s time. I have ended up providing accomodation for a Samoan tribe coming down from Christchurch as one of their confrères is getting capped that weekend. And because they can’t bring bedding et al. with them, I have to provide it as well! These things are sent to jump out at me and surprise me! (And when I find out who is sending them….!)

Fortunately friends from church have promised to be helpful in providing the mattresses and bedding which I inconveniently don’t have in sufficient numbers. I never expected that when I moved into my own flat I would be using it to host a family in my study. Equally forturnately it is promised to be one night. I write that last line while suppressing a ‘yeah, right’ reflex. The same room hosted four bikers last November returning home from the Burt Munro Challenge to Wellington. Ah, happy memories of dinner at the Alehouse!

It’s not all bad as I expect to be visited by Southern Dave at the same time. So I shall take some leave when he arrives and enjoy his company. If the worst comes to the worst I know where I keep my good knives!

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